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The Southern Literary Festival 2014

“You are the ones.”

This was a strange statement to make to summarize a publishing panel, especially after stating that we, a group of ambitious undergraduate writers, had embarked on an impossible and illogical venture. But he continued: You are the ones who are going to do it. Because you are here, you will do it. The here in question was the Southern Literary Festival in Oxford, Mississippi.…

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Revised Tube etiquette posters.

Yesssss, more of these excellent things.

generalized hatred for the public transportation experience 


If It Fits, I Sits [via]

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There’s too much “I need him, he completes me” and not enough “I complete me yet I want them along for this journey”


X-Men Retro Propaganda Posters.





Cathyln Newell - Concrete Ghosts: Curfew

Artist’s statement:

Curfew provokes the loss of a larger space to fleeting apparitions of darkness and memory.

Simply, the work is the ghosting of a darkened window, made of the strange and violent spatial lines embedded with candlewicks burnt away and trailing smoke true to the term curfew (rooted in the French term, literally to cover the fire).

Fleeting and vanishing (both physically and in memory), the line work is a dance between the fewest lines that can be trusted, and the imagination projected onto a darkened reality.

Its implications and threat of vanishing is the unknown reality, one that seems familiar, though always unfamiliar. Curfew remains something that is there among us, but anxious, fleeting, and aggressive, though even frightened in and of its own being.”

26 Types Of English Majors

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flawless queen natalie dormer shutting down casual “fake geek girl” crap

Shut them down and strut on

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